The Reformer can take Pilates training to a whole new level

woman performing Saw exercise on Pilates Reformer
Saw exercise on Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer:

  • Makes it easy to execute movements in the precise way, with correct biomechanics and joint positions;
  • Offers a HUGE variety of exercises with maximum number of muscles being trained, and with specific focus on the core and joint stabilisors;
  • Encourages working in the full range of motion to increase flexibility while building strength;
  • The rolling carriage challenges stability and balance and further develop core strength;
  • Use of springs encourages eccentric muscle contractions, when a muscle lengthens as it resists a force. This is one of the keys to achieving the long, strong muscles without bulk;
  • For people with injuries, physical limitations or joint problems the Reformer is an ideal exercise machine, because it makes possible to have a complete control over the range of motion, speed and intensity of exercises.

Published by Olga

Pilates Trainer and Manager of Core Pilates Studio in Vienna, Austria. Pilatestrainerin und Geschäftsführerin des Core Pilates Studios in Wien, Österreich.

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