How Pilates exercises help back pain relief

Most physiotherapists recommend their back pain patients are recommended to try Pilates. After speaking with many clients referred this way, I see that even if they are sent to try Pilates, they are not explained why or how Pilates help their back pain rehab, or how they go about starting a Pilates training programme.

There is tons of resources on the internet these days about Pilates for back pain but only a few of them are trying to inform instead of selling something (or asking for more clicks from you). I have found a few pages that I consider helpful and practical – these are listed below:

a simple explanation about how Pilates help back pain

intro and some good exercises

a Telegraph article by a back pain patient cured by Pilates

Good luck and stay healthy!

Published by Olga

Pilates Trainer and Manager of Core Pilates Studio in Vienna, Austria. Pilatestrainerin und Geschäftsführerin des Core Pilates Studios in Wien, Österreich.

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