Olga Novikova

STOTT Pilates FULLY CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels (Basic / Intermediate / Advanced); Injuries and Special Populations

ZEN*GA Qualified Instructor (Equipment)

Certified YOGA TEACHER, Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hrs

Advanced Personal Trainer Certificate (AASFP)

Certificate in General Thai Massage from the Wat Pho Traditional Medical School

PG Diploma in Sports and Execise Science and Medicine (DL) at the University of Glasgow.

As a child I was not particularly athletic, but adventurous, curious and open to new experiences. In my student years I discovered dance and was a member of the Uni dance group. With my first (serious) job I got a membership at a fitness studio and very soon became addicted to fitness and exercise. I have tried everything in group fitness: Body Jam, Step, Slide, Body Pump etc etc and was a regular gym-goer in all cities where I lived: St Petersburg and London, Fontainebleau and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is known as „the New York of Asia“ and offers an unbelievable choice of training and exercise options, including such oriental specialities as yoga and martial arts by trainers from India, Korea and China. This incredible city is open to everything new, cool and unknown and follows latest fitness trends and fads from the US and Australia.

Naturally I had to try everything: martial arts, ballet, Yoga, Pilates. I quit my corporate job at the end of 2011 and made my lifelong fascination with movement and exercise into my calling. I am infinitely curious about how our bodies and minds work – and these cannot be separated but must be considered together!


Die Absolventen des 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, The Yoga Institute

Graduates of the 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, The Yoga Institute

Pilates Yoga Trainer Vienna

Shaolin Sword, Auftritt in Hong Kong

Shaolin Sword, performance in Hong Kong

Pilates Martial Arts Trainer Vienna


With my Wudang Kungfu training group in Guangzhou, China

personal-trainer Pilates Vienna

Ballettgruppenstunde an der Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy

Group Ballet at the Hong Kong Youth Ballet Academy



Stretch Therapy Workshop mit Kit Laughlin

Stretch Therapy Workshop with Kit Laughlin


Traditional Thai Massage School @ Wat Po, Bangkok

ZEN*GA Kurs in Seoul mit PJ O'Claire (STOTT Pilates Master Instructor)

ZEN*GA Course in Seoul with PJ O’Claire (STOTT Pilates Master Instructor)

Im Labor, Glasgow University (MSc in Sport and Exercise Science & Medicine)

In the Lab, Glasgow University (MSc in Sport and Exercise Science & Medicine)

There is a full review of my beginner level class in Vienna by the wonderful Ida Vickers who is not only a talented and dedicated photographer, but a hilarious blog author.

And this is what my clients in Hong Kong said about my classes there:

“I enjoy the classes so much. For that time I forget about everything else and just focus on what you’re teaching me. Sometimes its physically challenging but that’s what I like about it because when I leave I feel like I’ve accomplished something. There are many things in life i can’t control but I feel in your class I HAVE to control my muscles and my thoughts otherwise I won’t get the most out of my experience nor would it be good for me physically. The rest of the day I feel so good because I feel like I’ve done something. I’ve accomplished something. Your classes are a non negotiable for me during the week. Everything revolves around them!”

Monita, Hong Kong

“I am 49 and I have been practising Reformer Pilates with Olga for about a year since I was suffering from recurrent backache problems. Olga is a real PRO but her classes are always a real pleasure combined with hardwork. Now I very much enjoy Pilates lessons with Olga 3 times a week. I have also lost weight and my posture is much better and I do not suffer anymore of backache problems.”


I look forward to my Pilates session with Olga each week. After every session I feel energised, empowered and more aware of my body and its alignment and ability. Olga is a knowledgeable, patient and supportive teacher and the best thing about having one-on-one classes with her is the opportunity to work at my own pace and have a routine specifically tailored to suit my needs. I also love that no two Pilates sessions are ever the same and I am always continuously learning something new. For a full body workout with detailed and effective exercises that will help you in your everyday life, I would definitely recommend Pilates with Olga.”


“Olga has guided me through a series of private mat and reformer Pilates classes, and I’ve found her to be an excellent teacher. She’s been very good at working out how to develop my body’s strengths, and to improve on its weaknesses – and (while this is not always something I appreciate) she won’t let me cheat in The Hundred! The practice itself has made me much more body aware, and I find that I suffer less from back and shoulder pain (and the resulting headaches) than previously.”

Jo (

“I’ve been doing Pilates with Olga for almost 2 years and I have reached great progress under her knowledgeable guidance. She helped me recover after a spinal injury and provided great support afterwards. Olga is using every opportunity to further develop her teaching methods and inform me about everything that could possibly help my condition. Olga is a focused and serious instructor, so if you have a strong intention to do Pilates (even if you don’t you will gain it after realizing how good Pilates is) I can definitely recommend Olga’s classes.”

Olga K

“I suffered with lower back pain to the point where I could barely get out of bed. I knew I needed to get back into Pilates after having moved to Hong Kong. I lucked out with finding Olga. A session with her is much more than just a class. She takes the time and care to truly understand and work on improving your specific issues.

My pain is pretty much gone now and I’m much less of a walking catastrophe (i.e. trips and falls). I see Pilates as must-have preventative medicine. I’ve now moved to the other side of HK so don’t see Olga as much as I’d like to, but credit her with turning my back pain around and teaching me all the Pilates fundamentals I know, even though I could be completely hopeless at times!”


“Practicing yoga with Olga is a pleasure. She is generous, kind, patient, amusing, inspiring and encouraging. Our classes are a high point of my week and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Bronwen, Hong Kong

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