Olga Emberger

Olga Novikova Pilates Trainer Vienna

PG Diploma in Sports and Execise Science and Medicine (DL) at the University of Glasgow.

STOTT Pilates FULLY CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels (Basic / Intermediate / Advanced); Injuries and Special Populations

ZEN*GA Qualified Instructor (Equipment)

Certified YOGA TEACHER, Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hrs

Advanced Personal Trainer Certificate (AASFP)

Certificate in General Thai Massage from the Wat Pho Traditional Medical School

Born in Russia. As a child I was not particularly athletic, but adventurous, curious and open to new experiences. In my student years I discovered dance and was a member of the Uni dance group. With my first (serious) job I got a membership at a fitness studio and very soon became addicted to fitness and exercise. I have tried everything in group fitness: Body Jam, Step, Slide, Body Pump etc etc and was a regular gym-goer in all cities where I lived: St Petersburg and London, Fontainebleau and Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is known as „the New York of Asia“ and offers an unbelievable choice of training and exercise options, including such oriental specialities as yoga and martial arts by trainers from India, Korea and China. This incredible city is open to everything new, cool and unknown and follows latest fitness trends and fads from the US and Australia.

Naturally I had to try everything: martial arts, ballet, Yoga, Pilates. I quit my corporate job at the end of 2011 and made my lifelong fascination with movement and exercise into my calling. I am infinitely curious about how our bodies and minds work – and these cannot be separated but must be considered together!

Kira Kinnunen

Kira Kinnunen Pilates Trainer Vienna

Born in Finland, I grew up passionate about equestrian sport. After school I moved to Germany where I continued riding and working with horses and later completed my university studies.

I discovered the benefits of Pilates already in the school age, through my horse riding training: it allowed me feel and control my body better. As during horse riding, while doing Pilates I feel more concentrated, stronger and calmer.

I completed Pilates Mat training with “Body Arts & Science International (BASI)” already after having moved to Austria. I am currently in the process of completing my All-Equipment certification in Pilates. I also posess a trainer certificate in horse riding (Finland).