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Pilates studio vienna

about us

We are a modern and friendly Pilates studio in Vienna offering Group classes on the Reformer, Tower and Trampoline by STOTT PILATES® .

The Pilates Method

Pilates is a full-body conditioning system that strengthens, lengthens and tones your muscles. Pilates exercises are performed in coordination with breathing, with full body awareness, concentration, precision and flow. Regular Pilates training helps to improve posture, core strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and the mind-body connection.

Pilates studio vienna

The Pilates on Equipment

The Pilates method comprises hundreds of exercises performed on the mat and on special equipment such as Reformer and Cadillac developed by the founder Joseph Pilates to help people “get the method in their bodies”. The equipment guides the movements, ensures correct body alignment, supports where the support is needed and can make exercises more or less intensive or challenging.

In other words, it is extremely effective in supporting the body’s learning process.

The Core Pilates Promise

At Core Pilates Studio we offer Group classes on equipment, making this kind of training accessible to many while keeping the size of the groups small (4) and ensuring individual approach to every participant.

“I feel so good and strong after the training. Nothing is more effective than this!”

For complete reformer beginners, we offer the following:

Book a Reformer Beginners group class. These classes are targeted for Beginners and are paced slower than other classes.

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